What is Google’s Hummingbird?

What is Google Humminbird?

What is Google’s Hummingbird?

Hummingbird is a search rank system uses by google to filter the SERPs from low quality content.

This ranking system is empowering users to get better and faster results through “Conversational Search“.

Uh-oh? What is Conversational Search? It is when people do search queries by voice on Google through devices. It focuses on the meaning behind the words and uses the sentence in context.

This has changed the way people are doing searches. Previously the keyboard was the only tool that was available.


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Let’s do a little demonstration. Activate the voice search on your device, then speak to Google:

Ask a question, lets try – “how old is Donald Trump?”

Hummingbird - Search

It will reply back to you and additionally provide you with search results.

Without starting a new voice search, you can ask Google straight away – “who is his wife?”

Hummingbird - Search

Google will automatically refer back to Donald Trump, then provide you with further information about his wife.

Cool! It feels like the Google search understand what you’re referring to.

So, what does it mean for the content creators?

The Hummingbird algorithm changed the way search optimisation works.

Did you notice that Google will provide you with information cards rather than a link of sites that you can click?

Hummingbird - Information Cards

That’s the future of web search, Google will prioritize the information cards first, then other web pages will follow.

You see, Hummingbird is not really made for your website, it is for the people who are trying to search for specific answers.

Google have those answers, so why people would need to look for further information on other links?

It is time to rethink for another strategy!

We have worked so hard to compete with other websites on SEO, and it is achievable.

But, with Google has step into the information ring? I will rethink again…

To tackle this situation, you need to keep creating original, unique and a wider context in more conversational type of contents.

The more entrance points a website has, the greater the opportunity there is of getting more traffic to that site.

The Hummingbird search rank system is always looking for useful information, gets straight to the point and is conversational.

So when you are starting to create new content, here is the checklist:

  • Create an indepth topic of the content and avoid generic content
  • Create content that is at least 350 words or more
  • Create content that is appealing to readers, do not create a content just for the sake of SEO
  • Continue to post new content regularly on your website

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