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As a graphic designer who loves branding, there is no doubt that I choose Instagram as one of my favorite social media platforms. Today, visual content is more important than ever, Instagram is one of social media platforms that empower visual content, but making a captivative Instagram profile and producing high quality graphic can be difficult. Ideally, you want to create original content where others will like and comment on your post.

In my spare time, I’ve watched other businesses on how they have used the Instagram to represent their brand, the best way to learn about how to make the most of your Instagram profile is to learn from others. Let’s explore how some of the world’s best brands using their Instagram.


How to rock you brand on Instagram

This is one of their post that I like the most:

How to rock your Instagram

Kurtvile is an American singer and songwriter, if you check out his Instagram account, he has 18,5k followers, and currently Levis has 969k followers. There are a few advantages of tagging @kurtvile’s instagram, Levis will be able to reach out new demographic and potential customers in Kurtville’s list, also Levis has shown the type of people who wear their products, lifestyle and culture.



When I see McDonalds’ Instagram account, I feel so happy and excited. I really love the brand and their posts very colorful. If you think about McDonald, you only think about eating their burgers, chips and yummy ice creams. But they have taken their food products a step further, they Instagram profiles makes foods and drinks more playful, you can see clearly in GIF images and animated videos they produced, and here is one of them:



LinkedIn using humor in their videos, which makes jobs more fun, one of the program they have “bring in your parents” is one of the coolest campaign ideas, see it here:

Hopefully this blog inspires you to rock your brand with Instagram! Do you have any Instagram accounts that you’d like to share? Comment below or click here.

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