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Understanding your visitor behaviour

Google analytics is a free web analytics program that provides useful data and information, it records a traffic, conversion and goal of a website. Google Analytics is powerful for marketers  to find insightful reports of any website activities, the program has a lot of terminology that is hard to understand for beginner, so before you go further, it is essential to understand each terminology, so that you can use the program comfortably.

To help you to understand some of the most important terminology that is used in Google Analytics, I’ve collected them and explained each of them, below:

Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is counted when a user landed on a web page, then leave immediately without any second interaction.


Conversion is showing a data on how a user engaged to your website and completes a goal that you’ve set.

Micro Conversion:

is when a user sign up to your email newsletter or becoming a member to your business by filling out a form.

Macro Conversion:

is when a theres is a sales transaction.

Direct Traffic

A user visits your web page by typing the URL through their web browser’s address bar or bookmark.

Engagement Rate

When a visitor go to your page then leave on the first page, normally Google stored the session duration between 0 – 10 seconds, so if your website is running a blog type of website, most likely you’ll have a high number of session in 0 – 10 durations.


A lot of people tend to think that hits is counting how many time a user visit a web page, well this is not true.. Hits is referring to a number of files that a web page requested to a server, for instance that you have 5 images, 1 sound and 1 video in your html page, then the hit counter will add 7 hits for the one user visit.
Hits - Google Analytics - Glossary of terms


Visit is when a visitor landed on your page, then continued to browse through. Visits counter will continue to add up when the same visitor return to visit your page.

Unique visitors

When a new visitor landed on your page for the first time, unique visitor counter will add 1, Google will record the IP address and keep it for two years, that means the next time the same visitor go on to your website, the unique visitor will not add up.


Pageviews is a term used to describe a desktop view, and Screenviews is a term to describe a mobile view.

I hope this helps you to understand some of the basic terms that is used in Google Analytics.

Article: Understanding your visitor behaviur

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