Understanding Your Brand

Understanding Your Brand

So you want to be unique and stand out from your competitors? Now is the time. Every business at any size is starting to develop their brand, branding is an ongoing process, overtime you may need to take a step back and see the current branding in your business. Does it still fit within your target market? Does the brand represent what you do? or perhaps it might need a little tweak to make it more suitable? Maybe it’s the time again to do a review and some research on how far you understanding the brand for your business.

These are a few sample questions that might help you to see and understand the current branding position for your business:

Who are you? Are you a product or service?
What do you do? who do you serve?
Who is your target market?
How are you different?
Why do you think they should choose you, instead of your competitors?

Once you’ve found the brand you want to be, you need to keep building it, because the moment you stop building your branding, it is the time when you should be ready to see your business start falling. Now you might be confused here, by the statement I’ve mentioned earlier; isn’t branding about following the style guide, so that every marketing material that you’ve produced is consistent? People will recognise your branding that way, yes, that is only apart of branding, but not all, because branding is something you own physically and emotionally. For example when someone holds a coke bottle, they will see the Coca Cola logo, and when they drink it, they’ll feel young, fresh and happy. That is the brand value that they’re trying to convey to the consumers. Coca Cola has been building this over time, through consistent logo and colour that has never changed since 1886, consistent marketing materials and messages such as “Share a coke with…” or “Have a coke and smile”, but of course there’s always room for branding development.

Understanding Your Brand

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