Google Analytics – Glossary of terms

Understanding your visitor behaviour

Google analytics is a free web analytics program that provides useful data and information, it records a traffic, conversion and goal of a website. Google Analytics is powerful for marketers  to find insightful reports of any website activities, the program has a lot of terminology that is hard to understand for beginner, so before you go further, it is essential to understand each terminology, so that you can use the program comfortably. Read More

Understanding Your Brand

Understanding Your Brand

So you want to be unique and stand out from your competitors? Now is the time. Every business at any size is starting to develop their brand, branding is an ongoing process, overtime you may need to take a step back and see the current branding in your business. Does it still fit within your target market? Does the brand represent what you do? or perhaps it might need a little tweak to make it more suitable? Maybe it’s the time again to do a review and some research on how far you understanding the brand for your business. Read More

The Red Colour

The Red Colour - Yohendro Kliwandono

Red symbolises a variety of things in different countries. In Asia red is used to signify good luck, celebration, money and so on. Red is very high visibility, in fact on the road we use red on stop signs and traffic light. On billboards, using red is far more eye catching compared to the rest of the colour range. Successful companies such as Coca cola, KFC, Vodafone and Virgin successfully catches our eyes with their billboard campaign also the red colour gives an extra boost of an energetic, exciting and vibrant company. Read More